Classroom Procedures

A safe and considerate classroom: To ensure everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe, we will show kindness or at least tolerance of differences in our words and actions. Title 9 legislates what is just decency in most offices and college classrooms anyway. Avoid remarks or actions that will make others uncomfortable. Let me know if something is said or done that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Beginning class: Be in your seats and ready by the bell. You should have your pen, paper(s), books, journal and other required materials.

Arriving to class tardy: If you have an excused tardy, drop your pass on my desk and find a seat quietly without disturbing the class. If you’re tardy is not excused speak to me after class. Repeated tardies will lower your class participation grade.

In-Class Questions/Sharing: A successful class is a collaboration, but some guidelines are needed. In full-class activities raise your hand and I will call on you. In small groups, you may interact more informally, but try to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.

Out-of-Class Questions/Sharing: Email me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org, call me at extension 1153 or make an appointment in class to meet after school or in the Writing Center.

Moving about the class: Please stay in your seat unless you need to sharpen a pencil or get materials.

Cell Phones/IPods/Watch Alarms/etc: Please turn off all electronic devices that may disrupt class. No texting, checking mail, playing with gadgets, etc. during class. Repeated offenses will result in confiscation of expensive and beloved electronic devices. (See JBHS Handbook.)

Leaving the classroom: Please raise two hands if you need to use the bathroom. Use the pass on the eraser gutter. See me for other needs. You may not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.

Quieting the class: If the class gets too loud or needs further instructions, I will ask for quiet or turn the lights on and off. Please quiet down immediately.

Homework assignments: Homework assignments will be listed on the website ( and/or on the board. All assignments are due the day after assigned unless otherwise noted.

Formats for essays, journals and other assignments: Follow the guidelines in the JBHS Book of Tools unless directed otherwise. Examples will be provided with each assignment.

Returning to class after an absence: Check with the teacher to see what you missed. All assignments and most handouts are on the class website ( See me for questions, un-posted handouts or anything else you need. You will have two days to make up missing work.

Overdue work: Missing deadlines means you miss opportunities for feedback or revision activities. A pattern of late work will lower your grade.

Academic Integrity: All major papers must be submitted to Any plagiarized papers or other cheating will earn a “0” and cannot be made up. (See JBHS Handbook.)

Individual and cooperative assignments: Unless stated explicitly, all assignments must be completed independently.

Ending class: Work until the final bell unless instructed otherwise. On rare occasions, you will be asked to stay a minute or so after the bell to complete an activity or receive the homework assignment. Homework will be on the board and/or on the class website.