CW Daily Activities

Week of 2/20

2/20: Break into the assigned groups (PEsinSmllGrps2) and read “Even Homeowners Need Heroes,” “Burning Love” and “Spell ‘World’ Backward” (‘Spell _World_ Backward’B  looking for form ideas and techniques (or personal essay ideas if you’re still looking. Collect your ideas and share them on the board.

Week of 2/12

2/15: Review the goals for clarity, variety (techniques, process, product, affect & mechanics).Shift focus to collecting form ideas and techniques. Re-read “Salvation,” look at the use of litany, one-sentence paragraphs and the sensory details. Read The Proof and note the voice and how to leave room for the reader. Share ideas. Hand in journals.
2/14: Read, write and share litanies (Litanies).  If time allows read, write and share one-sentence poems (One-SentencePoems).
2/13: Review journal dues date (Journal#1), Look at tone/attitude, (Tone Continuum) in particular tones along the continuum from earnest to sincere to ironic to sarcastic to cynical.  Read “The Ruin of Me,” “Saved” and “Stupid and Stupider.”  Choose one of your personal essay starts and begin a draft with a different tone

Week of 2/5

2/9: Review your goals. Look for clarity and variety (skill, product, process, mechanical or attitude goals). Type up a new personal essay draft in A102. You have three choices: 1) write about an idea of your own; 2) Use the significant object prompt (begin with a description of an object associated with an influential person, move to the person and finally to a scene that includes the narrator and shows the influence (grannys-radio)’ or 3) write about a time you lost or found faith “Salvation.
2/6: Review returned writing samples (WSSkills). Share the most important lines from “That Crucial First Draft” (ThatCrucialFirstDraft). Read “Greatest Challenge” (FindingWaldo) looking for reusable ideas that avoid the cliché topic or cliché perspective, form ideas or techniques.
2/5: Review the Personal Essay Assignment (PEAssign). Look at Nicholson Baker Descriptions (ExcrptsBxofMatches-NBaker) and rituals (rituals).  Read and write our own rituals or process descriptions.

Week of 1/29

2/2: Read “A New Perspective” (A New Perspective) and generate a list of reusable essay ideas, form ideas and techniques. Begin an essay of your own using at least one idea for each column. (For example: write an essay about an issue now seen from a different perspective.  Also borrow form ideas (90% in old perspective) and techniques (repetition, sensory details. etc.). Another change of perspective essay: “Off the Road” (Off the Road).
1/31: Read “The Crane” (The Crane) and “Life at Home and Abroad” (Life Abroad). Look for reusable ideas, form ideas or techniques. Add five ideas to your personal essay idea list. Read “Granny’s Radio” (grannys-radio) as an example of an essay that begins with a description of an object associated with an influential person, moves to the person and finally to a scene that includes the narrator and shows the influence.
1/30: Work on your writing sample (TmdWrtgPEChoices).
1/29: Review the timed write prompts (TmdWrtgPEChoices), time management and writing process strategies for timed writes. Read “The Philosopher”  and “Chasing the Night”  (ChasingTheNight) and look for reusable ideas, form ideas or techniques.  Begin a personal essay draft using ideas from each column. Class Notes: 

Week of 1/22

1/26: Look at a digital journal and hear a few sensory descriptions. Read  “My Physics Teacher” and “This is just to say“ (My PT-This is-MyTrig). Look at poem ideas, form ideas and techniques.  Write a poem using one or more of those ideas and techniques
1/25: Finish Journal Introduction. Look at the qualities of good writing and the JBHS Writing Rubric (Diagnostic).  Review the writing process (The Writing Process) and make a list of ten ideas for a personal essay.
1/24:  Share names, reasons for being here, and goals for course.  Overview of the course (CW OverviewClassProcedures).  Review the expectations for the Journal (Journal).