CW Journal Assignments

Week of 2/20

2/23: (#3) Assess your performance so far for the quarter in two or three paragraphs.  Look at your class participation, your journal and your progress toward your goals.  Give yourself a grade for each area and an overall grade.  Justify each grade and provide examples (CWMidQSEvalEx).
2/22: (#2) Choose two of your goals and work on them in your personal essay draft (or a paper from another course if that makes more sense.)  In your journal write the goals you worked on and a short summary of the changes made. Make sure you have access to an electronic version of your personal essay for class tomorrow.
2/21: (#1) Prepare a complete typed draft of your personal essay (PEAssign) to share in class on Friday. Submit to (Class ID:14732212; Class Password: jackpowers13). (Unless your writing sample has gone through a major revision, submit a different essay draft so I’m not just giving you the same feedback. You can still choose the writing sample as your draft to revise.)
2/20: (#10) Revise your five goals for variety (skill, product, process, mechanical or attitude goals) Or choose one of your essay starts and continue it for 20-minutes. Or start an essay on a new topic. Send me an email with your five goals.

Week of 2/12

2/14: (#9) Choose one of your personal essay starts and develop/revise it for 20 minutes. Number your out-of-class entries and asterisk one entry you want me to read. Staple the assignment sheet (Journal#1) in your journal and check off completed assignments. I will also read your goals and one other entry. Due Thursday, 2/15.
2/13: (#8) Write five writing goals for yourself for the quarter.  Write down two or three things you will do to achieve each goal.

Week of 2/5

2/6: (#7) Choose one of your essay starts and continue it for 20-minutes.  Or start an essay on a new topic.
2/5: (#6) Read “That Crucial First Draft” (ThatCrucialFirstDraft). Highlight ten important or interesting lines.  Select one as the most important or most interesting and write a seven-minute journal entry explaining why. We will share these lines in class tomorrow.

Week of 1/29

1/31: (#5) Reflect on the process of completing the writing sample. What was difficult? What worked? What didn’t? Use the writing sample as a starting place to write about the conditions in which you do your best writing and your worst.
1/30: (#4) Reread your writing sample and Substitute, Take out, Add or Rearrange (STAR) as needed. If you are satisfied with what you wrote in class, choose one of your personal essay ideas or starts and spend 20 minutes developing a draft.
1/29: (#3) Look at the “Timed Writing Personal Essay” (TmdWrtgPEChoices) prompts, choose the topic for your in-class essay and make a plan for writing. Leave evidence of planning in your journal.

Week of 1/22

1/25: (#2) Write five detailed descriptions starting with “I see…”  or “I saw….” (Sensory Desc).  Use only visual descriptions and do not use metaphor or interpretation.
1/24: (#1) Make a list of the qualities of good writing.  Buy a journal and three-ring binder.  Send me an email at JPowers [at] region9ps [dot] org and say hello.