Extra Journal Entry Ideas

Leave some evidence in your journal to receive credit for an extra journal entry. Your entry might be anything writing related: new drafts, reactions to ideas from class, interesting quotes or articles, lists of story ideas or titles. Here’s an incomplete list of suggestions:

  • Practice sensory descriptions
  • Have a writing conference with a classmate, Mr. Howard or writing buddy and leave a record in your journal
  • Submit a poem, an essay or a story to The Wayfarer Magazine: Students may submit hard copies to the box in the Writing Center, or electronic copies to JBHSLitMag [at] er9 [dot] org
  • Practice describing an interviewee or a fictional character
  • Work on one or two of your goals in a paper for any class
  • Write a poem in any style or like one we’ve written in class
  • Write an “Exquisite Corpse” group poem with some friends. (Be careful: the group subconscious can be a scary place.) Put a copy in your journal
  • Write an abecedarium
  • Meet with a classmate for a 20-minute Writing Date