The Proof is in the Snuggie

This Sleeved Blanket Will Change Your Life

Have you ever tried to read, do homework, play with your dog, change the channel or eat while watching television on a cold day? As soon as your hands move from the haven of blanket-covered security, and out into the cold meat locker of a room, the chills begin. Regular old blankets just don’t do the trick; they leave you exposed to the brisk air. I’ve tried everything: old socks on my hands, fetal position, heat dishes, all to no avail. Then, after years of a frantic search, came the solution to my prayers: the Snuggie.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, this tagline should be ingrained in your head: “Blankets are okay but they can slip and slide, and when you need to reach for something your hands are trapped inside. Now there’s the Snuggie- the blanket that has sleeves!” With nine different patterns ranging from bathing suit model, camo, tuxedo, plaid, to purple there are options for everyone.

Having sold over “30 million units and raked in over $500 million” (Yahoo), Snuggie proves that a blanket with sleeves is indeed for the masses. There is safety in numbers and chances are if 30 million people were happy dropping a mere $15 on their Snuggies, you will too.

There’s nothing worse than a company’s exaggeration that their product will change your life. Snuggie though, humbly promises little, but stands up to big expectations. Reviewers from the website Does It Really Work? said, “It always provides comfort and ease in your snuggling habits.” The same source also claims the Snuggie “provides the ease it claims to provide with its convenient arm holes that give you added mobility”. The only thing holding people back from purchasing a Snuggie is the misguided belief that sleeved blankets are unfashionable.

What’s more fashionable and trend-forward than New York Fashion week? Nothing. Headliners in 2009 include design gods such as Zac Posen, Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Snuggie (Today). That’s right, Snuggie. Walking the famous sleeved blankets on the runway were dogs, grandmothers, young children and parents all outfitted in the ever-glamorous Snuggie. That year seventeen new designs were showcased. Scott Boilen, the CEO and president of Snuggie, said shortly after the event, “Our biggest problem was how could we make enough of that product fast enough. We go to China, we contract out as many factories as we can and we were sometimes making hundreds of thousands a day.” (Yahoo)

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity. While most of us don’t have the benefit of spending our mornings with stylists while lounging in hair and makeup, we too can get the effortless glow that our favorite stars embody. And that’s by wearing a Snuggie. Matt Damon, Rihanna, Jay Leno, Paul Walker, and even Oprah are all avid uses of theses sleeved blankets, each shelling out a little $15 for their color of choice (ClickHole). Although we may not be starring in next summer’s blockbuster, by purchasing a Snuggie we can still feel like a star.

You might be hesitant to purchase a Snuggie, clinging on to your blanket loving ways, but sleeved blankets even help you save money. With the average heating cost per winter in Connecticut well over $2,000 (Hamden: How Much, House), it’s no wonder people are looking for anyway to cut down expenses. While a wood stove, or several layers of clothes may be the first solutions that come to your mind, neither is as effective or inexpensive as the Snuggie. Only the Snuggie promises to keep all of your body warm without compromising mobility. It’s the best of both worlds. By purchasing a sleeved blanket you save hundreds of dollars on heating and help the environment at the same time but cutting down on oil usage.

That’s not the only way Snuggies save you dough; regular ol’ blankets can cost upwards of one hundred dollars! Why spend more than four times the amount of money on a boring ordinary blanket when you can buy a Snuggie? If you want to be extra warm you can even buy multiple sleeved blankets and layer them any way you like for far less than you would for a standard humdrum blanket.

The Snuggie is so much more than a blanket or a backwards bathrobe. The Snuggie is a halo of sunshine in the darkest of nights. These long-sleeved blankets are the solution to your every trouble. Whether you just need some TLC cuddle time or want to save money, the Snuggie is the right fit for you.


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