English Homework

Week of 9/25

9/25: (#10) Reread your best personal essay draft and pick three things you’d like to get feedback on. (For example, you might be worried about the conclusion or the title or the concision.) Re-share your personal essay with me with a comment on the top listing those three areas.

Week of 9/18

9/19: (#9) Spend 20 minutes writing your personal essay. If you’ve written it all the way through, try to remove repetitions to cut it by 10%.
9/18: (#8) Spend 20 minutes writing an alternative conclusion for your personal essay.

Week of 9/11

9/14: No homework
9/13: (#7) Make a list of ten possible titles for your essay.
9/12: (#6) Think of someone you are close to or admire. Think of an object you associate with that person (a car, a pipe, a hand bag, a hat, etc.) Spend ten minutes describing that object using sensory details (colors, shapes, dimensions, sounds, smells, textures, etc.) Create a vivid picture using only words.

Week of 9/5

9/7:(#5) Write three more sensory descriptions but use all the senses this time: Sound, smell, touch, taste and sight. Avoid metaphor, summary, judgment, explanation – just sensory details.
9/6:(#4) Write down three writing goals for yourself for the semester and two learning goals.
9/5: (#3) Write three detailed descriptions starting with “I see…”  or “I saw….” (Sensory Desc).  Use only visual descriptions and do not use metaphor or interpretation.

Week of 8/31

8/31: (#2) Choose an animal you think you are like and an animal you’d like to be more like. Explain each choice.
8/30: (#1) Buy a three-ring binder.  Send me an email at JPowers [at] region9ps [dot] org and say hello.