Literary Analysis Assignment

Period 7 English Literary Analysis Assignment

FORM: Literary analysis: 1-1.5 pages

PURPOSE: Provide a thoughtful, arguable insight that would enrich another’s reading of the poem or story and demonstrate your ability to read closely, develop an insight and communicate that insight with clarity and support.

AUDIENCE: Our, class, me and portfolio readers

VOICE/POSITION: Thoughtful, academic voice/arguable, insightful thesis about the text

REQUIREMENTS: Clear thesis, at least five quotes, see Literary Analysis rubric on back

DUE DATES: Rough draft: October 27; Final Draft: November 2

A LITERARY ANALYSIS presents or discovers an arguable thesis based on an insight you have about a literary text. We read a number (too many?) poems and stories so you could find one you thought was interesting enough and/or rich enough to generate a one-page essay. Write a draft presenting your idea about a pivotal point in the text, use quotes to illustrate and use the Literary Analysis rubric to be sure you have included all the important characteristics of the form. We will share those drafts, give each other feedback and revise. Remember this can or will be an important piece in you Junior Writing Portfolio so write it to be clear to a reader who was not involved in the class discussion and doesn’t have the text in front of him or her.