Math Skills

Today’s Class Activities: Two-minute meditation. Discuss Thursday’s Pre-Quiz. Review the sub-report and share our solutions to the one-step math problems (QuickMathb9-20-19) and two-step math problems (Math Skills 9-20-17) from Wednesday. Complete today’s one-step problems (Quick Mathb 9-25-17 & QuickMatha9-25-17) and share answers.

Tonight’s Homework: #10) Choose a math problem from our handouts that you found difficult. Use it as a model to create a new problem like it. Email the new problem to me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Today’s Bonus Question: Come into class and ask, “Can we take a quiz?”