Math HW

Week of 9/25

9/25: (#10) Choose a math problem from our handouts that you found difficult. Use it as a model to create a new problem like it. Email the new problem to me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Week of 9/18

9/19: (#9) Buy a three-ring binder to collect the math handouts.
9/18: (#8) Type up your revised two-step math problems with one extra piece of math info and email it to powers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Week of 9/11

9/14: (#7) Solve one more problem from today’s worksheet (Math Skills 9-14-17).
9/13: (#6) Type the goals you wrote today. Email them to me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.
9/11: (#5) Finish and type the problem you created today. Email it to me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Week of 9/5

9/7: (#4) Type the math problem you created and email it to me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org..
9/6: (#3) Use math in some way and write down what you did in your notebook.
9/5: (#2) Ask your parents to tell you two ways they use math in their job or everyday life.

Week of 8/30

8/30: (#1) What are three math skill areas I want to improve this semester. Write them in your journal. Get a spiral ring (graphing?) notebook.  Email me at JPowers [at] er9 [dot] org and say hello.