College Writing

Class Activity: Read, write and share one-sentence poems (One-SentencePoems). Read or re-read “Salvation,” and look at the use of sentence variety (long and short), litany, and one-sentence paragraphs. Share journals.

Tonight’s Journal Entry: (#1) Choose a different personal essay start or idea and develop/revise it for 20 minutes.  (Starting ideas from class include a new perspective, a ritual or process, something lost or found, a new tone, beginning with an object, your original writing sample, and an influential teacher.)

Due Dates: Personal Essay Due Dates Changed! Journal #1 (Journal#1) Due: 9/26; Typed Personal Essay Draft Due: 9/28; Final PE Draft Due: 10/6 

Next Journal Entry: (#2) Prepare a complete typed draft of your personal essay (PEAssign) to share in class on Thursday. Submit to (Class ID:16386318; Class Password (Enrollment Key): jackpowers13). (Unless your writing sample has gone through a major revision, submit a different essay draft so I’m not just giving you the same feedback. You can still choose the writing sample as your draft to revise.)

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact me at jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org.

Today’s Bonus Question: Come to class and ask, “Where do you want our journals?”