College Writing

Class Activity: Review the goals for clarity, variety (techniques, process, product, affect & mechanics).Shift focus to collecting form ideas and techniques. Re-read “Salvation,” look at the use of litany, one-sentence paragraphs and the sensory details. Read The Proof and note the voice and how to leave room for the reader. Share ideas. Hand in journals.

Tonight’s Journal Entry: Have a great break!

Due Dates: Journal Collection #1 due: February 15; Personal essay (PEAssign) complete typed draft due: February 22; Final draft due: February March 1.

Extra Journal Entry Idea: SUBMIT to the Wayfarer: Click for details

Next Journal Entry: (#1) Revise your five goals for variety (skill, product, process, mechanical or attitude goals) Or choose one of your essay starts and continue it for 20-minutes. Or start an essay on a new topic. Send me an email with your five goals.

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Today’s Bonus Question: Come to class and ask, “Where do you want the journals?”