Math HW

Week of 6/5

6/7: Complete your “Personal Growth” for the Cookies unit p176.
6/6: Finish “Continued Portfolio Selection” p174.Use as much of this example we started as a group as you need. (ContinuingPortSelection).
6/5: Spend 20 minutes on “Continued Portfolio Selection” p174. (This will be a paragraph in your portfolio cover letter.)

Week of 5/29

6/1: Spend 20 minutes on “Back on the Trail” p164.
5/31: Spend 20 minutes on “A Charity Rock: Part II Rocking Pebbles” p163.

Week of 5/22

5/24: Spend 20 minutes on “How Many of Each Kind? Revisited” pp161-162.
5/23: Complete “A Reflection on Money” p156.

Week of 5/8

5/9: Spend 20 minutes on “Get the Point” p153.
5/8: Spend 20 minutes on “You are What You Eat” p146.

Week of 5/1

5/3: Spend 20 minutes completing “Hassan’s a Hit!” p
5/2: Spend 20 minutes on “Finding Linear Graphs” p142.

Week of 4/24

4/27: Spend 20 minutes on”What’s My Inequality?” pp133-134.
4/25: Spend 20 minutes on POW 4 “A Hat of a Different Color” pp129-130.
4/24: Spend 20 minutes on making graphs for “Healthy Animals” p131 using the simplified formulas to the right.

Week of 4/17

4/18: Spend 20 more minutes on “Picturing Cookies–Part I” pp126-127.
4/17: Spend 20 minutes on “Picturing Cookies–Part I” pp126-127.

Week of 4/3

4/5: Spend 20 minutes on “My Simplest Inequality” pp121-123.
4/4: Spend 20 minutes on “Investigating Inequalities” pp119-120.

Week of 3/27

3/30: Complete the Bees unit test (BeesAssessmentPractice)
3/29: Complete #4 of the Final Assessment Practice (BeesAssessmentPractice)
3/28: Complete #2 & #3 of Final Assessment Practice (BeesAssessmentPractice).
3/27: Complete #1 of Final Assessment Practice (BeesAssessmentPractice).

Week of 3/20

3/21: Spend 15-20 minutes working on “A Portfolio of Formulas” p76.

Week of 3/13

3/16: Spend 15 minutes working on “More about Cereal Boxes” p72. Leave evidence in your notebook.

Week of 3/6

3/9: Spend 15 minutes working on “Cereal Box Sizes” p71. Leave evidence in your notebook.
3/8: Write down your answers to #2 of “Back on the Farm” p69.
3/7: Spend 15 minutes on “Pythagoras and the Box.”
3/6: Spend 15 minutes working on “A Sculpture Garden” p63. Leave evidence in your notebook.

Week of 2/27

3/2: Spend 15 minutes working on Flat Boxes p57.
2/28: Spend 15 minutes working on “Leslie’s Floral Angles” p52.
2/27: Complete “Simply Square Roots” p49.

Week of 2/22

2/23: Spend 15 minutes working on “Don’t Fence Me In” p45. What are the most efficient (largest area) dimensions for the corral?
2/22: Spend 15 minutes reviewing assignments and practicing the Pythagorean Theorem to prepare for the quiz.

Week of 2/13

2/16: Spend 15 minutes on “Flowers from Different Sides” p43.
2/15: Complete “Leslie’s Fertile Flowers” p42.
2/14: Spend 15 minutes on “Make the Lines Count” p35.
2/13: Complete”Any Two Sides Work” p33.

Week of 2/6

2/6: Spend 15 minutes on “How Big Is It?” p32.

Week of 1/30

2/1: Find the correct trig formula for #1 of “Sailboats and Shadows” p29.
1/31: Find the correct trig formulas for 1-4 of “More Gallery Measurements” p28

Week of 1/24

1/26: Choose the right trigonometric ratio (tangent, sine or cosine) based on the known information in 1-4 of “More Gallery Measurements” p28 and set up the equation for each.
1/25: Complete #1 & #2 of “More Gallery Measurements” p28