English Classwork

Week of 9/25

9/26: Look at the introductions and the conclusions of the personal essays we’ve read (PE Introductions Conclusions). Choose one as a model (or combine two) and revise your introduction and conclusion in A102 to make them more concise and effective.
9/25: Look at tone/attitude, (Tone Continuum) in particular tones along the continuum from earnest to sincere to ironic to sarcastic to cynical.  Read “The Ruin of Me“, “Stupid and Stupider” and “Saved,” and identify the tone of each essay.  Begin a new draft of your personal essay using a different tone.

Week of 9/18

9/19: Check homework: write an alternative conclusion. Read “Even Homeowners Need Heroes” and note the mix of description, action, dialogue and interior monologue (DADI). Also note how the writer shows the change, so the reader can “get” it without the writer explaining the “point.” As you revise your personal essay look at the DADI mix, how well you show rather than tell as well as incorporating my suggestions on google docs.
9/18: Look at Narrative Arcs and Emotional Arcs as a way to show your change in a personal essay as an alternative to Before/After. Read ‘Spell _World_ Backward for form ideas as well as for an example of how dialogue creates engagement. Write personal essay conclusions on laptops.

Week of 9/11

9/15: Review the sub report and yesterday’s progress. Look at some “Where I’m From” poems (WhereI’mFromPoems), pull out the reusable ideas, form ideas and techniques and write our own.
9/14: Typing personal essay drafts in A102. Either Continue to write about the personal essays they’ve started or read “Salvation,” (attached) look at the use of litany, one-sentences paragraphs and the sensory details, and write about a time they lost or found faith. (These directions are on the top of the handout.)
9/13: Check homework. Make a plan for tomorrow. Review personal essay drafts. Share sections of your essay, note the difference between a great story and a good personal essay, look at showing the change in scenes, look at how adding paragraphs and/or mixing dialogue, action and description can make an essay more vivid and easier to read. Continue to develop and revise your essay in A102. Class Notes: English 9-13-17
9/11: Check homework: describe an object that belongs to someone you admire. Add to your description by adding sensory details. Then move to describing the person and the environment you might see him/her in before bringing yourself into the scene. Show why you admire this person. Share drafts.  Write down your preliminary goals for the class and where you’d like to be in two or three years.  Share responses.

Week of 9/5

9/8: Share homework: three descriptions using all the senses. Review the idea of  “That Crucial First Draft.” Continue developing a personal essay draft in E102.

“Let the language take you where it wills. If you’re having trouble, lower your standards.” William Stafford

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

9/7: Share homework: write three goals for the year. Review the idea from yesterday’s class about personal essay forms and the importance of specific sensory descriptions. Read “That Crucial First Draft.” Continue developing a personal essay draft in A102.
9/6: Check homework. Share one of your sensory descriptions. Look at ways to structure a personal essay. Read “The Proof”  and look for reusable ideas, form ideas or techniques. Continue developing your personal essay draft.
9/5: Review the writing process (The Writing Process). Look at ways to structure a personal essay. Read “The Philosopher.” Review your list of ten ideas for a personal essay and begin typing a personal essay draft.

Week of 8/30

9/1:  Check Homework.  Share animal choices and reasons as well as new responses to “The Tortoise and the Hare” (Tortoise&Hare). Make a list of ten most important experiences and list important memories or experiences with each.
8/31: Complete and share your draft of “As of 2017,”(asofSeptember2017). Share your google doc with me (jpowers [at] er9 [dot] org). Read “The Tortoise and the Hare” and reflect on your own tortoise-ness or hare-ness.  Discuss how it applies to you, the class and the school year.
8/30: Introduction to the class.  Review of class procedures and grading criteria (EnglshClssProcedures).  Read “As of 2002,”(asofSeptember2017) look at the structure and techniques, and write “As of 2017” which borrows the form and techniques to develop and record your own beliefs as of today.